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Don't show up to your holiday party with a warm bottle of booze. With Blitzen, you can chill your beverages while you drive.


Holds anything from Veuve to a growler full of IPA

Natural Cooling

So long as it's cold outside

Works on Any Car

Except your non-magnetic Tesla. Thanks a lot, Elon.


The liquor store only had warm Prosecco when a Deeplocal engineer went to pick up a bottle. With a short drive home and no time for conventional refrigerator chilling, he engineered a solution to make the cold weather work for him.

Blitzen is the everyman's chiller. Simply strap your bottle into Blitzen and attach it to the roof of your vehicle to chill while you drive.


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For Real?

Blitzen is very real. 100 pound magnets, aluminum rails, all that.

Cooling time depends on ambient temperature, car speed, and a whole lot of other factors that some of our engineers here spent way too much time calculating. The same goes for lateral G force and speed calculations. It was like a flashback to Calc 2.

Speaking of engineers, please don't go randomly strapping bottles to your roof. All of our tests were conducted under controlled conditions with extensive safety measures.