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Scentsicles + Balsam Hill


Scentsicles + Balsam Hill Communitree

The Communitree event was a three-day, live-streaming, virtual Christmas tree decorating party. By visiting thecommunitree.com website, users could get in line to remotely control a tree-decorating robot.

While users waited in a queue for their turn to control the robot, they watched a live-streaming event of two actors dressed in holiday gear providing commentary, taking live phone calls from viewers, and doling out funny quips. When it was each user's turn, they had 15-seconds control the bot and choose a location to drop the ornament; when time was up, the ornament dropped. If it landed on a tree branch, $5 was donated to Toys for Tots and the user was sent Scentsicles scented ornaments as a reward.

The event earned $20,000 for Toys for Tots and gained a significant amount of earned media, including articles in Mashable, CNBC, Creativity, Salon.com, BusinessWeek, San Francisco Chronicle, Boston Globe, Yahoo! Finance, Sacramento Bee, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, WTAE TV news, New York Spaces magazine, the Denver Egotist, AdAge, and many more. Additionally, the project received thousands of facebook "likes" and more than 900 twitter mentions.